Norther Fells Covid-19 Update

posted 20 Mar 2020, 16:24 by Steve Woolley
Local Help & Information to all Residents in the Northern Fells Area during the Coronavirus outbreak

Lots of things to remember but most importantly YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are all here to help each other during what may well be a difficult few months.

Many people are offering to help which is great, our Lend-a-Hand coordinator Simon Braithwaite is taking a list of volunteers names and contact details so if help is need in certain areas he will know the closest volunteers to contact.

We are lucky to still have local shops and they are willing to take orders and do deliveries, no one needs to be without shopping or medical supplies. We are fortunate that most of our local pubs are offering a ’take away’ service and if you are self isolating we can help with delivery by arrangement.

If you know of anyone who is on their own and would appreciate a phone call, we can find someone with a similar interest to chat with them. We will be setting up our own ‘Phone a Friend Scheme’ so no one should feel alone. ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

Our Wool-crafts group is going to set some woolly challenges to anyone out there who is ‘crafty’. We will be introducing some challenges and quizzes over the next few weeks if anyone is interested in setting some or taking part

We have a great supply of books on all subjects so if you feel like a good read we can find someone to make sure you have some choices.

We are aware that guidelines are changing every day and sometimes by the hour and we will do our best to keep up with the news as it happens. Regular bulletins will be sent and shared.

At present nearly all of our regular NFG events are cancelled in line with the Public Health advice from the Government and NHS England.
The Millhouse Drop-In Hearing Aid Checks are still taking place this Friday 20th March for anyone in need of a supply of batteries from 9.45—11.45 at Millhouse Village Hall

Also at present the Nail Cutting service at Rosley and Hesket Newmarket on March 31st

Please contact your village Agent for further information
Philippa Groves 016974 78555 NFG Village Agent, Castle Sowerby & Mungrisdale

Helen Sturges 016974 78556 NFG Village Agent, Caldbeck, Sebergham & Welton

Barbara Stoddart 016973 42452 NFG Village Agent, Westward & Rosley

Gillian Skillicorn 07874 241604 NFG Village Agent, Ireby, Uldale & Boltons

And to help with volunteering please contact
Simon Braithwaite 016974 77196 NFG Lend a Hand Coordinator