Mungrisdale Septic Tank Syndicate

posted 21 Apr 2020, 03:38 by Steve Woolley   [ updated 22 Apr 2020, 02:36 ]

It’s septic tanks syndicate time again. Trotters are currently working, and have confirmed the prices for this year are slightly up on last year: -


·       £140/tank up to 1000 gallons

·       plus £80/1000 galls for extra volume over 1000 gallons.


Please could you let me know via email to if you would like an empty this year, and how big/many tanks you need emptying together with address phone number and location info.


I am looking to send the offer in by the end of the month, so please come back to me as soon as possible.


Please feel free to share this offer with your neighbours you feel might be interested.



Warm Regards


Steve Woolley