Life of a Mountain: BLENCATHRA – Keswick Museum’s exhibition (From May 2017)

posted 24 Feb 2017, 01:17 by Mung Mungrisdale   [ updated 6 Jun 2017, 09:53 ]

Just a quick update on preparations for the exhibition:

Jenn has been busy talking to local people and volunteers, starting to research various themes connected to the villages of Threlkeld and Mungrisdale and the mountain itself – including farming, fell running, hunting, mining and looking into local trades and mobile shops that used to line the streets.  We’re really excited to have the expertise and experiences of several locals, including Lesley and Colin Smith, Eleanor Earl, Tommy Jackson and Alan Head (whose parents grew up in Mungrisdale village).  Our museum volunteers and local volunteers who live in Threlkeld and Mungrisdale are now starting to collect all sorts of information relating to the Blencathra sanatorium, local people’s stories, and literary and artistic reflections on Blencathra.

Do you have any photos of local community life?

If you have a few old photos you think would help to reflect the past and present Threlkeld or Mungrisdale community, please let us know as soon as possible (before 9 March).  This might include pictures of local sports, family portraits; the Sheperd’s meet, farming events, local events, photos of what the village used to look like and so on.

We’re also still looking for local information, and people’s personal connections to the mountain itself and local memories, including information on past trades so if anyone would like to contribute drop me an email on or give me a ring 07985 215 998. Even if you just want to say a few lines about how Blencathra has influenced your life or what the mountain means to you.