EE Announces Broadband Trial Offer within the Northern Fells Area

posted 14 Jan 2018, 01:49 by Fiona and Mark Shore   [ updated 14 Jan 2018, 06:09 ]

EE is now in a position to offer 50 to 100 local households the opportunity to receive a 4G superfast broadband service at a discounted introductory 18 month price.


Anyone who wishes to take up this offer should express their interest by sending an e-mail including their name and e-mail address to


EE will then send out a simple survey to allow it to assess the suitability of each location for acceptance on the trial.


When accepted the package will include the following, based on signing up for a 18 month contract: -


·        Free antennae & router and free installation (saving £100).

·        Free service on selected tariff for 3 months.

·        Service then reverts to purchased service for the remaining 15 months of the contract.


The tariff bands are:

·        10Gb - £25 per month

·        50Gb - £35 per month

·        100Gb - £45 per month

·        200Gb - £60 per month


We appreciate that the first band may not be enough for most people but are assured that these prices have just been reduced significantly, and cannot be compared with landline broadband prices as the infrastructure costs are very different.


Once accepted and signed up for the trial, a voucher code for a router would be issued, and once this has been received the installation can be booked. The 18 month contract will commence when the router is received.


It is expected that the total time from providing a EE with your contact details to the installation of the equipment will be less than 2 weeks.


Current users of EE with old kit will be able to obtain an antennae and new router installed free of charge. They can then simply swap over their old SIM card into the new router. There will be no additional discount and they will continue with their current contract.


Anyone who doesn’t want the service but wishes to comment can also provide feedback to the e-mail address. Feedback will be welcomed.


For more advice please feel free to contact one of the Northern Fells Broadband representatives:-


Bob Clarke

01768 779 315

Paul Doherty

07748 640 191

Mal Hilton

01697 476 955

Steve Woolley

01768 779 678