Digital Broadband Circular

posted 14 Dec 2020, 14:26 by Fiona and Mark Shore
Dear Residents within Mungrisdale Civil Parish,

The Parish Council considers the matter of broadband so important for the future of rural households and businesses that it has taken the unusual step of contacting all property occupiers (except Mungrisdale, see below) to raise awareness of the scheme outlined below.

There has been publicity recently in the media and on TV and radio about vouchers which can be used towards the cost of fibre broadband delivered through Community Fibre Partnerships. For a limited time there are two complimentary vouchers available worth up to £3000 per dwelling and £7000 in respect of business premises. Vouchers can be aggregated by clustering properties together in a fibre network served from either the appropriate telephone exchange or a fibre cabinet whichever is nearest.

One network is already under consideration for a cluster of premises in Mungrisdale Village from a cabinet at Mungrisdale roadends linked to the Threlkeld telephone exchange. There is scope for three or four more CFPs in other parts of the civil parish (eg: a cluster of premises loosely based on Hutton Roof, Stewart Hill and Low Mill based on the Skelton exchange, another network covering Bowscale and Mosedale with Threlkeld telephone numbers, whilst Berrier could form a cluster from the Greystoke exchange). Each group will need to nominate a person, or persons, to act as the coordinator(s) and link with the interested parties for their area.

In the first instance, levels of interest have to be identified (expressions of interest) as a basis for discussions with a network provider who will prepare costings and establish the value of the aggregated vouchers. The voucher value can sometimes cover the cost of providing the network. At that point decisions, whether or not to proceed, are made. You have been sent this note because a potential network has been identified including your property.

More information: Digital Borderlands Voucher Scheme Website. Openreach Community Fibre Partnerships Website

Unfortunately, this opportunity is available for a limited time as one of the vouchers is only on offer for a few more weeks, although there is then twelve months for the works to be carried out. If you are interested please confirm before 31st December in order that groups can form, so proposals can be prepared within the very tight time frame available.

If you are interested, with no commitment at this stage, in being part of a submission please return the attached expression of interest slip or e-mail Christine Fleming at: - or Tel: 01768 484 217 or by post to Kerensa, Low Mill Farm, Mungrisdale, Penrith, CA11 0XS

I………………………………………… interested in joining a community fibre partnership.
Would you participate in co-ordinating it? YES or NO
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