posted 10 May 2020, 02:11 by Fiona and Mark Shore
What are they?
Cumbria County Council provide a Blue Badge Parking Permit for those people who struggle to walk far, whether due to physical or mental health conditions, so that you can use the Disabled Parking spaces and be nearer to the shops, etc. You do not have to drive, it can be used by someone else to take you places, in any car. (N.B. You may still have to pay to park)
Who can get one?
You may have physical problems causing pain, fatigue or breathlessness, e.g. Arthritis, COPD, Asthma, Heart problems or be Registered Blind or there could be Psychological conditions such as severe Anxiety or Memory problems which make journeys very difficult.
N.B. For people who are already getting the benefits Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Disability Living Allowance (DLA), who get the Mobility Component of the benefit, you may not need to complete the whole form as you may be automatically entitled to a Badge.
How to apply
You can apply online at or you can download a paper form and complete it then send to the Blue Badge team in Carlisle.
As Benefits Support Worker for Northern Fells I am happy to come and visit you and help to complete the form, which I can bring with me, once the Lockdown Restrictions are lifted.
For now, I am more than happy to take your details and put you on a list to contact and arrange a visit, when we are able to.
What is needed?
The form will need details of the Health Conditions which affect your walking, with copies of Doctor’s letters, Prescription sheets, Hospital Reports and so on, if available, to support your claim.
You will have to provide Proof of your Address and your Identity, e.g. a copy of Birth or Marriage Certificate, an NHS letter or Utility bill with your address on.
They will need a small passport-type Photo of you which must be recent - using the same one as last time is not allowed, but I can take your photo when I do visit and email it to them.
The Blue Badge costs £10 a year – a cheque is fine, or we can phone them when I am eventually able to come and visit and you can pay over the phone.
How long does it take?
The form takes 30-40 minutes to complete and if you can have the copies of your evidence ready before I visit that will be useful. Otherwise I can take photos of the evidence and email them to the Blue Badge team, once I do visit. The questions include things like: ‘How far can you walk and what stops you?’ ‘Can you carry on after a short rest?’
The Council are usually very quick to process the applications but they will obviously take longer at the moment due to the restrictions caused by the Pandemic. Usually people have their badge, if eligible, within two weeks.
Please give me a call or email if you think you or someone you know may be eligible.
Di Bowes, Northern Fells Group, 07752 457513