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Steve and Jill retire from Near Howe Cottages, Mungrisdale

posted 13 Feb 2021, 01:18 by Fiona and Mark Shore

After 15 wonderful years it’s time for us to retire from Near Howe. We’ll be moving to a bungalow near Cockermouth which is ideal for Steve's health condition. It’s an exciting new chapter in our lives, and we’re looking forward to a long and happy retirement.

We would like to thank all the locals very much for making us so welcome over the years, along with all our guests who have supported the local community. We thank them for their custom and hope they will be happy to return to enjoy this Oasis of Peace and Tranquillity many times in the future.

We’ve now handed over the reins to Fiona and Mark Shore, and they intend to continue running Near Howe in very much the same way as we have over the years.

So it’s thank you and goodbye from us, keep safe and well, and all the very best for the future.

Steve Woolley and Jill Woolley

Mungrisdale Church Bulletin February 2021

posted 2 Feb 2021, 10:50 by Mung Mungrisdale

An old bedtime prayer
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep;
If I should die before I wake,
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take.
If I should live for other days,
I pray thee, Lord, to guide my ways.

Church services
Services will be held via Zoom only. If you would like to join in, please let Brian know - his
phone number and email address are shown below.
        Service listing:
        Sunday 7th February 11am.          Holy Communion led by Rev Richard Hall
        Sunday 14th February 11am         Morning Praise led by Nancy Tweddell
        Sunday 21st February 11am         Holy Communion led by Rev Mike Houston
        Sunday 28th February 11am         Morning Praise led by Dr Brian Davis

A confidential prayer group continues to meet on Zoom through these very difficult times,
so please get in touch if you need prayer.
If you have any questions about the church or about the Christian faith, please get in touch
with the churchwardens: Brian Davis 017687 79640 or
Christine Fleming 017684 84217.

9 am on (Ash) Wednesday 17 February to 9 am on Thursday 18 February 2021
An opportunity for us individually and collectively, across the Penrith Mission Area, to pray
for those people and situations which are on our hearts during these Covid times. At this
stage you’re asked to sign up for PRAY24PENRITH via the link and to ‘spread the word’ to
those who may not have internet access and would like to be involved.
To take part please either sign up at: or contact Gary Cregeen
(01768 868786 or Email:, and let him know when you’re able
to pray and he will sign up for you!

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A news update on “the Gathering” Youth Café
The Gathering Youth Café in Penrith cannot open at present because of the lockdown and
large number of cases of Covid virus infection but we are using the time to submit grants
through our charity Ignite Penrith to support the activities and learning experiences for the
young people and to employ a Youth Worker to allow the Café to be open more than the
current 3 days per week. Futurekraft, a grant preparation company helping the Charity to
submit grants, has made applications to several charities that support youth work. We are
delighted that one of those, The Joseph Rank foundation has recently awarded us a grant
spread over 3 years; £15,000 in year 1, £10,000 in year 2 and £10,000 in year 3. This grant
means we have reached 1/3 of our target needed to employ a Youth Worker. We are also
incredibly grateful for the support of several churches in the Penrith area, including
Mungrisdale Church, who have given us generous gifts this Christmas.
Brian Davis

Fibre Broadband:
As you may already know, we have a Fibre Broadband initiative in our area. It is a
community initiative led by Andy Rose. All the exchanges which service the parish have
representatives who help make up the group working on this; these exchanges are Skelton,
Threlkeld, Caldbeck and Greystoke.
The ‘expressions of interest’ have been gathered up and put into the Open Reach ‘portal’.
The next part of the process is that they look at our area and the costs and the method of
installing fibre, and then get back to us, which should happen in February.
We are also looking at B4RN, an alternative company who specialise in installing Fibre
Broadband into rural areas. If you wish to know about B4RN or Open Reach, they have a lot
of information on their websites. Discussions with both companies are at the early stages
but we will keep you informed of progress.
Don’t worry if you have not registered your interest and wish to do so; please contact me
Christine Fleming

Parish Council information is available on the Parish Council tab on the Mungrisdale Village

Mungrisdale Village Hall: Please contact Anne for up to date information on bookings
either by email -  or phone - 01768 484435.

Caldbeck Surgery: Tel 016974 78254
We have some Protected Learning Times.(PLT) when the surgery closes at 1 pm 
The next date is Wednesday 10th  February , followed by Thursday 18th  March.

Mungrisdale Church Bulletin January 2021

posted 14 Jan 2021, 11:22 by Mung Mungrisdale

Carol Service

When we held an ‘outdoor’ Carol Service before Christmas, I was reminded how momentous an event the birth of Jesus was - so momentous that the measurement of time as we know it became BC (before Christ) and AD (Anno domini, the year of our Lord). God broke into our world and sent his son Jesus to rescue the whole of mankind - that includes me and it includes you.
Jesus started with 12 disciples and two thousand years later here we all are, measured in billions. When I’m in our tiny church with our small congregation, I remind myself that I am part of the world wide Christian church which came about because of the birth of a baby, Jesus. Amazing.
Thanks to all who joined us for our outdoor carol singing; I found it very special. Christine

(Note: Thank you to all who managed to find the collection box in the dark that evening - £204.38 has been sent to the Salvation Army)

Star reflection: When we invite Jesus into our hearts, we carry the star of Bethlehem with us. There will be many times when it is cloudy and we don’t see it, but that “star of wonder, star of light, star of Royal beauty bright” promises He will never leave us. We can have inner peace even through the darkest hours, as He is the perfect light, the Saviour of the world. Adam


Church services

Services will be held via Zoom only.  If you would like to join in, please let Brian know  -  his phone number and  email address are shown below.


            Service listing:

Sunday  3rd January  11am.                 Holy Communion led by Rev Richard Hall

Sunday  10th January 11am                 Morning Praise led by Nancy Tweddell

Sunday 17th January 11am                  Holy Communion led by Rev Mike Houston

Sunday 24th January 11am                  Morning Praise led by Dr Brian Davis

Sunday 31st January 11am                  Morning Praise

Sunday 7th February 11am                  Holy Communion led by Rev Richard Hall


Prayer: A confidential prayer group continues to meet on Zoom through these very difficult times, so please get in touch if you need prayer.

If you have any questions about the church or about the Christian faith, you are welcome to get in touch with the churchwardens:

Brian Davis  017687 79640    or

Christine Fleming  017684 84217.


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Giving to the church: The option of online giving is available via the following links:

One off giving; Regular giving;

Charity Support:  Ignite is one of the local charities supported by Mungrisdale Church.  The following is a summary of its work in The Gathering in Penrith during the past year:


Activities of the Gathering Youth Café in 2020

The Ignite Penrith Charity supports the activities of the young people of Penrith who are part of the Gathering Youth Café which provides a safe place for them to meet together under a Christian ethos and helps them through leisure time activities to develop their capabilities and to grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.  As part of this, the charity supported learning activities during the school summer break that are continuing through the Autumn term.


In response to the disruption of school and loss of learning opportunities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic we employed a company Futurekraft to help us submit a grant proposal to the Community Fund, of the National Lottery. The fund was set up to help alleviate the effect of the pandemic in communities around the country. With the help of Futurekraft we obtained a grant of nearly £10,000 that allowed us to hire tutors to help the young people develop new skills and catch up with missed schoolwork. The sessions covered GCSE subjects of English and Maths, music, cookery and outdoor activities as well as a personal development programme (ASDAN). These sessions are continuing through the Autumn Term.

The numbers attending had to be limited so that the Gathering building complied with the Government guidelines to keep those attending safe. Music and cookery sessions were very popular but the whole programme helped the young people deal with the isolation from friends and the loss of their normal community.

The young people gave the following feedback on the impact of the sessions:

• “It was really fun, it made me happy to be able to see my friends”

• “I have learned more in 2 lessons than I have in 7 years of primary school”

• “I've really enjoyed taking part as it has got me out of the house and socialising”

• “It has been really good being able to get out of the house and always know I have something to do”

• “Happy to be here”

• “I have learned more than I would at School. I have found guitar playing helpful in dealing with pressure and stress”

• “It was good it gave me the chance to do other things”

• “I have really enjoyed doing music lessons”

• “It has been really good I've really enjoyed cooking”


Futurekraft is helping the Ignite Penrith Charity apply for further grants to continue these learning experiences and pay tutors to provide them. However the grant money doesn’t completely cover the costs of providing the teaching sessions so we will continue to depend on your support to sustain these activities that help the young people keep up with their education and deal with the stress of isolation. If you would like to learn more about the activities or support the young people you can follow us at


On behalf of the Young People who are part of the ‘Gathering’ thank you for all your support and input to this important part of the lives of the young people of Penrith.         Brian

Covid vaccination update – those vaccinated in the week of 21 Dec 20

posted 8 Jan 2021, 10:55 by Mung Mungrisdale

Our local GP surgeries started working together to deliver cove vaccinations
from the week before Christmas, and this work is continuing to run from

Wigton Hospital. By the end of this week we will have given ~ 2,200 people at-
risk and over 80, care home and healthcare staff their first vaccination.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been
informed 6th January 2021 that the scheduled delivery of our second dose
vaccination, week commencing 11th January 2021, has been postponed. It is
with much regret that we now have to cancel all planned appointments that
patients have to attend the Wigton Covid Vaccination Site next week.
The new medical advice from the UK Chief Medical Officers is that the second
dose of the vaccine remains effective when given up to 12 weeks after the first
dose, and should be given towards the end of this 12 week period.
While you will need two doses of the vaccine to get the best long-term
protection from the virus, you will still have a significant level of protection at
22 days after you received the first dose. The new guidance will also help
ensure that as many people as possible benefit from the first dose of the
vaccine as soon as possible. Please be reassured that there are no safety
concerns in the new guidance, and it will not impact on how effective the
vaccination is in protecting you from Covid-19 once the course is complete.
Patients do not need to call their GP practices. They have already
rescheduled your second vaccine appointment and this will be the week
commencing 8th March 2021 on the same day of the week and at the same
time of day as your original appointment was for the week commencing 11th
We can only apologise on behalf of NHSE and the Government for any
inconvenience or distress this may cause those patients affected, and if you
have any concerns or questions regarding this matter please do not contact
the practices as we need to keep our telephone lines available for patients
seeking medical attention, and to make vaccination appointments for others.

For questions and answers on these changes please

Keswick & Solway Primary Care Network
On Behalf of
Aspatria Medical Group/ Caldbeck Surgery/ Castlehead Medical Centre/
Dalston Medical Group/ Wigton Medical Practice

Tier 4 Restrictions - 31/12/20

posted 31 Dec 2020, 01:50 by Fiona and Mark Shore

As we are now in tier 4 and have no indication as to when we will come out as yet, at the moment we are sad to say that we shall not be taking any bookings through to the end of the second week in January, and will review this situation once things become clearer.


The government has not yet announced an end date to these tier allocations, but have previously stated that they will review the tier allocations every two weeks.

Digital Broadband Circular

posted 14 Dec 2020, 14:26 by Fiona and Mark Shore

Dear Residents within Mungrisdale Civil Parish,

The Parish Council considers the matter of broadband so important for the future of rural households and businesses that it has taken the unusual step of contacting all property occupiers (except Mungrisdale, see below) to raise awareness of the scheme outlined below.

There has been publicity recently in the media and on TV and radio about vouchers which can be used towards the cost of fibre broadband delivered through Community Fibre Partnerships. For a limited time there are two complimentary vouchers available worth up to £3000 per dwelling and £7000 in respect of business premises. Vouchers can be aggregated by clustering properties together in a fibre network served from either the appropriate telephone exchange or a fibre cabinet whichever is nearest.

One network is already under consideration for a cluster of premises in Mungrisdale Village from a cabinet at Mungrisdale roadends linked to the Threlkeld telephone exchange. There is scope for three or four more CFPs in other parts of the civil parish (eg: a cluster of premises loosely based on Hutton Roof, Stewart Hill and Low Mill based on the Skelton exchange, another network covering Bowscale and Mosedale with Threlkeld telephone numbers, whilst Berrier could form a cluster from the Greystoke exchange). Each group will need to nominate a person, or persons, to act as the coordinator(s) and link with the interested parties for their area.

In the first instance, levels of interest have to be identified (expressions of interest) as a basis for discussions with a network provider who will prepare costings and establish the value of the aggregated vouchers. The voucher value can sometimes cover the cost of providing the network. At that point decisions, whether or not to proceed, are made. You have been sent this note because a potential network has been identified including your property.

More information: Digital Borderlands Voucher Scheme Website. Openreach Community Fibre Partnerships Website

Unfortunately, this opportunity is available for a limited time as one of the vouchers is only on offer for a few more weeks, although there is then twelve months for the works to be carried out. If you are interested please confirm before 31st December in order that groups can form, so proposals can be prepared within the very tight time frame available.

If you are interested, with no commitment at this stage, in being part of a submission please return the attached expression of interest slip or e-mail Christine Fleming at: - or Tel: 01768 484 217 or by post to Kerensa, Low Mill Farm, Mungrisdale, Penrith, CA11 0XS

I………………………………………… interested in joining a community fibre partnership.
Would you participate in co-ordinating it? YES or NO
e-mail address:

Christmas @ Mungrisdale church

posted 7 Dec 2020, 03:58 by Fiona and Mark Shore

An al fresco Carol Service will be held in Mungrisdale churchyard on Sunday 13th December at 4pm. Covid rules will be observed with socially distanced markers for bubbles or individuals.  

There'll be lighting but please bring a torch and WRAP UP WARM - boots, gloves, scarves and the rest. 

Sorry we can't serve drinks and mince pies but at least we can sing!  All welcome.  

Note: there will be no 11am service on the 13th.


Sunday 20th December at 11am - our usual Morning Praise in the church and on Zoom.


Christmas Eve at 9.30pm  -there will be a service on Zoom on Christmas Eve led by The Rev Mike Houston. 

Please contact Brian Davis on or 017687 79640 for a Zoom invitation.


Village Hall Re-opens after Lockdown 2

posted 4 Dec 2020, 04:42 by Fiona and Mark Shore   [ updated 4 Dec 2020, 04:43 ]

The hall has reopened but is subject to Tier 2 guidelines or High Risk and use is limited accordingly.
Please ring Anne (01768 484435 or email:

Green Homes Grant Extended Until March 2022

posted 25 Nov 2020, 01:07 by Fiona and Mark Shore   [ updated 25 Nov 2020, 01:15 ]

The Government has just announced an extension to the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme where homeowners (both freehold and leasehold owner occupiers) and landlords can apply for vouchers for two thirds of the cost, up to £5,000, towards installing Energy Efficient and Low-Carbon Heating improvements in their homes.

Measures covered include Insulation of Walls, Floors and Roofs, Double or Triple Glazing when replacing Single Glazing, and Low-Carbon Heating like Air-source and Ground-source Heat Pumps.

Some homeowners on income-based or disability benefits (e.g. Pension Credit) may be eligible for vouchers covering the full cost of improvement, up to a
value of £10,000.

Instead of all work needing to be completed by the end of March 2021, the period has been extended to the end of March 2020, as demand for the Grant
meant Accredited Installers were all getting booked up.

The list of Recommended Installers has also been increased, so more local firms should now be available.

The Scheme will also help towards supporting 100,000 jobs in Green Construction across the country.

To apply for the Grant or check eligibility, use this link:

For help applying, speak to Di Bowes, NFG Benefits Support on 07752 457513 or

Mungrisdale Village Hall Currently Closed

posted 24 Nov 2020, 15:49 by Fiona and Mark Shore   [ updated 24 Nov 2020, 16:08 ]


The Trustees and Management Committee

regret the Hall will be closed from 2 November

until lockdown ends in December.

The decision has been taken following Government advice that all non-essential social contact is to be avoided.

For updates please go to


The hall will re-open as soon as it is practicable and for future bookings

ring Anne Manger on 01768 484435

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